I’ve done hundreds of resume reviews.  Below are some testimonials from past clients:

When you’re looking for a new job or an internship, your resume speaks for you and you want it to say the right message. Benet Wilson is my go-to person for resume critiques and you want her feedback. She’s honest but fair and tells you exactly what needs to change and how it should look. Benet also has years of experience in the business and she’s critiqued resumes for various journalism mediums so this is the kind of person you want reviewing your resume. Whether it’s for your first internship or your next job, I would highly recommend Benet Wilson for a resume critique.

— Kirstin Garriss, Government Reporter for Time Warner Cable News in Charlotte, N.C.

For years, I had put together my resume myself, using free templates and guessing what should and shouldn’t go on there. It showed, too – it looked amateurish and was transparently done on the cheap. When I turned to Benet, she took the time to walk me through every line of it, every aspect of it, engaged me in why I had what I had on it, and what I didn’t have. She made sure that the resume showed the very best of me, and pushed me to commit to what I wanted to get out of it. It’s the best resume I’ve ever had, and I’ve never been more confident to show my resume to prospective employers, partners and collaborators. I could not recommend her more highly.
— David Steele

If you’re thinking of hiring Benet J. Wilson, do it! She has the ability to make your resume concise and help you showcase your skills in an organized way. Within months of her revamping my resume, I applied for a job in a top market and got it. She helped me relay my skills to a recruiter and communicate why I’m a valuable candidate.

–Tamika Smith, Host/Reporter for NPR’s WAMU 88.5

I used Benet Wilson’s services back in 2014. I was applying for a training position that could lead to full-time position in a top 10 market. I thought I had a decent looking résumé. Boy was I wrong. Benet pointed out so many errors and made it look more professional. I’m glad to say I recently completed the training program and I’m working as a full-time reporter in the Boston market.
— Glenn Marshall


I had Ms. Wilson critique my resume a couple of years ago and it still holds up competitively and strongly today. She gave clear advice and made solid changes I think transformed my curriculum vitae into one that boldly stood out among others and definitely got me noticed among my current and former employers. Ms. Wilson is thorough and detailed and doesn’t hold back, exposing any and all areas that need development.
— Janell Jay


It’s rare that you come across a reporter, editor and media professional like Benet Wilson. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Benet personally since 2013 through the National Association of Black Journalists organization. Since then, her resume reviews and career advice has helped me through my job search as a college senior and make the necessary moves to help advance my career. With her years of experience in the media industry, you can trust that Benet will help you craft a resume that will focus on your big-picture advantages and achievements. As a seasoned editor, her attention to detail will help you avoid common mistakes and stand out from the crowd for the RIGHT reasons.
— Ameena Rasheed

Benet Wilson is excellent at reviewing resumes.  I highly recommend her.  The turnaround time from when I gave her my resume to receiving my critique was fast.  She gave specific details on how to make my resume better by actually making the changes on the resume.  She also gave me extra steps to take on how to stand out by creating a professional website and provided examples to guide me.  Benet went above and beyond.  If you use her services you won’t be disappointed.
–Clement Townsend
Benet Wilson’s review of my resume gave me the confidence to apply to various jobs and fellowships. She has a reasonable turn around while ensuring the resume is a quality reflection of your skills. Also, she is willing to answer any questions or concerns you might have about her review of your resume. 
–Corrine Lyons

Benet reviews your resume closely and offers detailed, honest feedback. She is a wealth of information, and she is very willing to connect you to the people and resources that can help you reach your goals. Her resume critique helped me promote my value to employers and made me feel more confident about how I was presenting myself. Her skill and attention to detail is widely appreciated in NABJ and beyond.

–April Simpson