17225139376_19b2842b5f_qBALTIMORE, MD — Getting a job in a highly competitive environment starts with a good resume, which is the ticket to an interview and an opportunity. But a single error is all it takes for a resume to be pushed to the side.

Now, there is a new service available called Resumes By Benét for those who want to ensure their resume stands out from ever growing stacks of resumes from hopeful applicants.

“Those reviewing resumes take, on average, only six seconds to find what they’re looking for,” says founder Benét J. Wilson. “If they don’t see it, they move onto the next resume.”

Wilson has been a writer, editor and hiring manager for more than two decades.  Based on her experience, she knows the techniques for highlighting important skills employers are seeking and key words valued by hiring managers.  She specializes in journalism and aviation/aerospace resumes, but can make any resume more effective.

“I know what makes a resume stand out – and also what gets one rejected,” says Wilson.

Her service includes a discussion of the applicant’s work, a marked up or rewritten resume and a review of suggested revisions. She can also help with cover letters and job interview preparation.

“With my experience as a hiring manager, I understand what employers are looking for,” says Wilson.  “With my help, your resume has a better chance of being read. My rates are very reasonable for something that is a huge investment in your career.”

For more information about this service, contact Wilson at benet@aviationqueen.com.

Resumes Get the Royal Treatment Through New Service
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